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From an unspecified newspaper on an unspecified date – probably more than a decade ago – and found while sifting through boxes of mementos in preparation for The Big Move:

Howling Mistake

A woman had to be taken to hospital after she saw a body slowly rising from a coffin on a rubbish tip on a dark October evening, Winsford magistrates court heard yesterday.

Mrs Doreen Power, aged 43, of Middlewich, Cheshire, twice had to be given oxygen by ambulancemen after seeing unemployed William Neville Davies, aged 18, of Nixon Drive, Winsford, rise zombie-like from the coffin, howling eerily, Mr Derek Freeman, prosecuting, told the court.

Mr Davies pleaded guilty to causing a breach of the peace and was bound over for 12 months to the sum of £50.

Mrs Power had gone to Winsford tip with her husband Frederick to dump some rubbish.

Mr Quentin Querelle, defending, said that Mr Davies had intended the prank for a friend and did not realise that Mr and Mrs Power were approaching.

‘He says he is very sorry and hopes never to see the inside of a coffin for many years to come.’

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