The Joys of Christmas

As long-time readers of this blog will know, I am distinctly partial to a Choco Pie or two with my afternoon cuppa, so you can imagine how excited I was when Mrs M spotted these in the supermarket.
Manufacturers Lotte are currently celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of their finest product, so what better present to recei…er, I mean give this Christmas than Limited Edition Winter Choco Pie.
Rather than the standard cream sponge sandwich in a chocolate coating, Limited Edition Winter Choco Pie contain ‘chocolate cream with the rich aroma of cocoa beans, sandwiched between dark chocolate cake, in a mild chocolate coating’.
Which is just as scrummy as it sounds.
A six-pack Limited Edition Winter Choco Pie will set you back around 250 yen, while for those addicts who like to keep an emergency supply with them at all times, a so-called ‘personal pack’ of two can be purchased from reputable convenience stores.

The next step for this particular addict must surely be a guided tour of Lotte’s chocolate factory, as advertised on their homepage. I wonder if the production line is ‘all you can eat’…?

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  1. You’ll be glad to hear that our local ‘oriental food store’ has started stocking choco pies, so you won’t be without when in the UK. Huzzah.

  2. Ah, but are you sure they’re Lotte? As I’m sure you know, this is an issue on which I absolutely refuse to compromise!

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