Food quiz no.1

Gyōmusūpā — literally”business supermarket” — sells things like catering-size bottles of sauce and sack-size bags of coffee, and has been rivalling Costco in popularity recently, partly thanks to being featured in various TV commercials thinly disguised as bona fide shows.

Below are some pictures are of an interesting — and surprisingly yummy — food item that Mrs. M brought back from Gyōmusūpā the other week, but can you guess what it is?

(A hint: although it may appear to be, it’s not a chopped-up tree branch.)

2 thoughts on “Food quiz no.1”

  1. Random passerby here feeling nostalgic for travelogues in lieu of actual travels during these confined times.

    The food is Akita’s Iburi-Gakko, really tasty smoked pickled radish.

    1. I have to admit I wasn’t expecting many answers to this quiz at all, so to get a correct one so soon is a pleasant surprise. I like pickles, smoked foods, and daikon (aka Japanese radish), so for me this was a very tasty combination. Also, I wasn’t aware of the term iburigakko, so thank you and congratulations! (Although there’s no cash prize, I’m afraid…)

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