Food quiz no.2

Like the mystery item in my previous food quiz post, this was purchased from Gyōmusūpā and looks equally weird. It’s an egg, of course, but what kind? Answers in a comment, please!

(The more observant among you will have noted the resemblance between the egg and my, er, “hairstyle.”)

Black on the outside and green on the inside — yum, yum! Actually it didn’t taste as odd as it looked — didn’t taste of much at all, in fact.

2 thoughts on “Food quiz no.2”

  1. Century eggs. Haven’t tried them in Japan so I don’t know if they are blander than the Chinese ones, where you can really taste the alkaline salts.

    1. Correct answer! In Japanese they’re called piitan. This one was imported from China, but perhaps it was on the blander side so as not to offend non-Chinese taste buds…

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