Food quiz no.3

These are some pictures of my breakfast a couple of weeks ago — or at least, part one of my breakfast, as I tend to wake up at about 4/4.30, have bread or toast with my morning coffee at 5, then sit down with the children at about 7 for part two.

This isn’t bread or toast but something that I mashed up with olive oil and pepper, although hardly anyone else in the known universe would use the same combination.

The question is, what is it exactly? Answers, as usual, in a comment.

2 thoughts on “Food quiz no.3”

  1. Purple yam would be my guess. Eating sweet potatoes (and I’d argue yam is potato-adjacent enough) with olive oil, salt and pepper is not unheard of in Spain.

    1. Right again! I, too, would call this a purple sweet potato, but yam is almost certainly the correct word. It was heavier and drier than a normal sweet potato, and needed more olive oil to render it edible.

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