Tea break

In order to revise for – and sit – the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, I’ve had to take a quick break from blogging, so before the next instalment of the Sado diaries, I thought I’d give you the opportunity to savour a new-ish TV commercial for Choco Pie (which as many of you will know is my favourite tea-time treat).

Once you have found your way to the Lotte TV commercials page via the link below, click on the picture of a smiling child being handed a Choco Pie, which can be found both in the carousel at the top of the page and to the right of a row of ‘New!’ commercials further down.


The ad is short and sweet, so to speak, and the titles and voiceover go something like this:

Choco Pie – today’s good points:
Made it one step further
Helped out with the shopping
Managed to ride by myself

You did your best, didn’t you?
A treat for every day
Lotte Choco Pie

(Lotte’s motto, incidentally is o-kuchi no koibito (お口の恋人), which means ‘a sweetheart for your mouth’.)

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